Getting Laid in Lima

By | August 31, 2009

Lima, Peru is one of the more exotic cities that you will find if you are a world wide traveler. Many times it is not thought of as a city where you can find sexual encounters but, as it turns out, there are many well kept secrets in this rather decadent city. However, you DO have to know the best places to look. Cab drivers are usually great at helping you out but, sometimes, you just want to check out things on your own.

One place for fun and games in Lima is a night club known as Scarlet’s. Some tourists feel that it is the best establishment of this kind in all of Peru. This seems to be one that the cab drivers of Lima know well. The girls are from all over South America and are as beautiful as runway models.

The club itself is nicely decorated and divided into two different areas. The area where the girls dance is set up like a theater with a stage. Girls dance and perform sensuous stripping for the patrons. If you really want to dance, the other part is where you will do that. It is full of girls that you can both dance and chat with but most of these girls are “working girls.” It does get rather crowded but there will be plenty of girls to go around. On a slow day you will find at least 60 girls and the weekends boast at least double that.

On the second floor is where all the sexy action takes place. This is where the rooms are located that the girls will take you to. Prices are:

Entrance – 2 soles

1 beer – 10 soles

Buying a drink for a girl – 30 soles

Sex with local girls – 150 soles to 250 soles plus a room

Sex with foreign girls – 400 soles to 800 soles plus a room

Room – 50 soles

Everything is very safe at Scarlet’s and the staff is quite friendly and helpful. It is definitely worth a visit the next time you are in Lima.

If you are looking for a red light district in Lima, you will find this in a suburb named La Victoria. It is located close to the Sheraton and most of the action occurs on two streets. These are Iquitos Avenue and Jiron Antonio Raimondi. You may want to be a bit careful here but you can have sex with girls who range from 18 to 22 years old for around 20 soles.

If you are looking for a brothel in Lima, give Las Cucardas a try. It is located at Ricardo Treneman 877 and is mostly a brothel for locals only. But they will allow tourists and visitors to come in. You may want to be careful in the part of town it is located in. Have a taxi take you to downtown Lima or Centro de Lima. You will probably feel a bit safer that way. There is an entrance fee of 20 soles which includes a condom.

Once inside you will see that it is very clean and quite safe. The way the girls are offered is also rather entertaining. There are 2 long hallways that have roughly 10 doors located on each side. These doors each lead into small private rooms containing a bed and a bathroom. A girl stands outside each of these doors dressed in only a thong waiting for her next customer. They are above average in attractiveness and cost 50 soles for 30 minutes. If you don’t see one you like during your first stroll through the hallways, wait about 10 to 15 minutes and there will be new ones.

For the entertainment of the gentleman waiting, there are 15 couches at the end of each hallway accompanied by a small bar and a stage holding 3 stripper poles. A different girl arrives on stage about every 20 minutes to dance and strip. Some will go into the audience and do a version of a lap dance.

This is a very positive experience overall for the visitor to Peru. The environment is a good one and you can fuck as many girls as you have the money to pay for.

Don’t expect to haggle over prices in places like Scarlet’s, Club Madonna, Golden Peppers or Emmanuelle’s. They are quite firm on their rates for their girls and what you are going to get for your money. You are better to do your bargaining in the red light district as they may not be quite so firm about what they charge and may be willing to negotiate with you. Who knows? If they are having a slow night, you might get a real bargain!

Whatever route you decide to take for finding your sexual companion while visiting Lima, make sure that you make the best of your time together. What sort of a memory you take away will be completely determined by you.

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